May 25, 2012

Please add begging to a list of things that I am not good at doing.

It seems that trying to secure money for a film is sort of like digital panhandling.  I sit on the street with my little cardboard sign and wait.  I wait for someone, anyone to place a penny or two in my little coffee cup.  Now the lack of guitar or harmonica does hinder my appeal but you must work with what you have.  So I beg.

Of course, all of this done in a digital way, I post and pray that people will look at my project and feel compelled to join.  To hop on board to just a vision and a smile is a huge leap of faith.  Faith in a stranger is a tough sale.  A person has to be willing to purchase a product that is completely unknown until it is furnished. 

I wonder how many people would by a car from a new car company just because they claimed it would be cool.  My guess is that it would not be very many (as evidenced by the lack of funds raised thus far).  Nevertheless, I will not let go of my dream, I will just have to try harder. 

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