Nov 5, 2011

Truth in commentary dies.

Many touchy, feely, liberal, bleeding hearts, pussy willow types will never understand the late great Andy Rooney.  His no nonsense approach to conveying a message deemed archaic thinking.  Being that open and honest frowned upon because it may hurt someone’s feelings.  The way he could insult you while making you question your belief was an awe-inspiring gift.  Andy never made any apologizes for being himself.  In many cases, he often joked publicly about being too critical at times.

Rooney, for those of us with a desire to annoy people for generations, will always be the “one.”  A critic for which all others will measure themselves, I hope that the questions in heaven are not to in-depth.  Some just do not take the cynicism that well.

Rest well old friend, we will be seeing you on You Tube. 


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