Nov 6, 2011

Know your audience

It an era highlighted with the election of an African American as President of the United States it would be wise to avoid anything racial in nature.  The mere implication of referring to the outside of an Oreo cookie could be cause for a public expression of regret.  Because though the war ended years ago, the battle for equality lives on.

Lately sports athletes are feeling it is time to experience again the old Jimmy the Greek days by watching closely for a slur.  The problem is that when you find yourself looking for equality you never realize when you have it.  People accepted into a niche tease each other.  It is usually in fun, taken with a laugh.  Not the case for Mr. StevieWilliams as his smart little quip about a former employer has made his life hell. 

Tiger Woods has spent a good portion of his career defending his race as being more black than Asian.  At times his fight has been to prove he is more Asian than black.  Mr. Williams was just acknowledging one of your choices, is that so wrong?

A hockey player, who seems to love Jay-Z, is also in boiling water for a Halloween costume.  A quick side note for all of those not acquainted with Halloween, it is for dressing up.  The one night of the year, you can be anyone you want.  Raffi Torres' wanted to be a black rap star.  The problem is he is white. 

Therefore, by the laws of racism, it is not allowable to dress up or portray an African American in any way.  Sorry, those are the rules.  So Wayans brothers owe me an apology forWhite Chicks, I will be monitoring my mail waiting for that letter.

Therefore, what it all boils down to is simple.  We will always be racists.  That black is not a color reference anymore.  Black is and will always be some sort of slam.  So for all of you coffee drinkers that take it straight you had better learn how to order your brew.  Because if I hear you say black, you will be on CNN before it cools.


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