Oct 30, 2011

Wall Street "99%"

Sometimes the message delivered in a protest is lost.  The focus draws from the passion to the poo.  Waist, vandalism, and loitering making the headlines silence the word of the people.  When a protest turns into a hindrance, it removes the credibility of those involved.

The sit-ins happening throughout the country are a true testament to just one thing.  There are too many people unemployed.  To have the ability to sit for days on end should be the true message.  Instead of worrying about the arresting and removal of these people why, do we not offer them a position in one of the local establishments?  Two birds removed with one stone; crowds diminished and a new taxpayer in its place.

I truly understand the passion and frustration that the “99%” are feeling.  To make a difference they must register to vote and remove everyone that is currently in office.  Now that is a statement.


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