Nov 7, 2011

Men's room etiquette

Many women will have to avert their eyes for this post. It addresses something that no cultured human being should ever deal with, the public restroom. A mans bathroom is generally an unclean place. It houses everything dirty you can imagine. Magazines, soap bars, toilet seats, and the floor are victim to filth. That is just the home bath. Take for a moment to think about the public men's facilities.

Urine covered seats, wet floors, smeared walls, and a collection of distinct odors make for a horrific experience. I would rather suffer the embarrassment of defecating in my pants then touch a public stall. What can I do to educate my fellow man in public urination?

How about this little tip, sit. When your height to length ratio is greater than 2:1 please sit to pee. Do not attempt to lean over to make up the distance. Avoid the semi stand squat to bring the bowl into range. Simply turn around, sit down, and stand back up for a clean exchange. That way I do not have to hold my needs to wipe away the remainder of yours.

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