Oct 5, 2011

What defines a great writer?

I will never be one of the great writers of our time.  This little secret was let out of the bag by my many followers and a few “friends”.  It’s not from a lack of desire.  The fact is that some people on this earth are just not equipped for literary greatness.  But it made me wonder what the true measure of a writer is? 

Many authors are gauged by the number of best sellers they have.  Others gain recognition in having their works transformed into moving pictures.  And less we forget there is always that coveted New York best seller list.  To me, these things all seem unobtainable.  They are the Olympic medals of writing for events that I just cannot compete in.  But is it really an accurate measure of a great writer?

Andy Rooney has been writing for over 70 years.  Thirty-three of those with a little television show known as 60 minutes.  He spanned a career that will never truly be matched by the literary giants of our time.  King, Koontz, and Grisham (I couldn’t throw another K out) are all exceptional writers of their time.  Rooney can still out write them hands down at age 92.  With a heavy heart I say thank you for the commentary Mr. Rooney after all these years.  Rest easy knowing I will never interrupt your steak dinner.

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