Oct 11, 2011

To HOV or not to HOV.

I, much like many of you, drive to work each day. The morning and evening ritual of commuting sometimes leaves me staring at that ever famed HOV lane. A section of highway that is just off limits to most of us. This perfectly paved, always open lane seems to mock me in silent. "Hey don't you wish you had a hybrid or a friend," it whispers quietly.

As I sat there in traffic I was able to make one simple observation. Only a few straggler cars were actually in the HOV lane. In fact a few of those did not even have a second passenger. This made me wonder. Why can't we just open up the other lane to regular traffic? Oh sure, those with green bumper stickers are going to blast me for killing the environment. Bring it on. I'm sure those 20,000 pound trucks idling on the "express" way are pumping out leafy green vegetables. It would be interested if someone did a study on the amount of fuel consumption sitting in traffic. Just to see if the empty lane is bringing the Ozone back.


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