Jul 30, 2011

Not even in death do they part.

A husbands love can be unmatched by any other in this crazy world.  He holds dear the love of a great woman.  A woman that completes his very being.  And no matter what she does he will always love her.  The husband in love will defend his wife in life and in death.

But there might a small flaw in that.  Diane Schuler, I'm sure, was a wonderful wife.  She made her husband very happy and proud everyday she was alive on this earth.  Who knows, she might have been the best thing that every happen to her husband.  As loving as this woman was certain behavior can never be ignored.  For instance, if you get high and drunk and load up your minivan with friends you may be at risk for losing mother of the year.  If you take that minivan and enter the wrong way on a Long Island Express way, killing seven people in the process, you definitely lose mother of the year.  Also you will lose your life as well. 

A good husband will defend his wife's behavior regardless of how stupid it may be.  But to sue the state for not marking the exit ramp as the wrong way seems a little much.  It is tragic that your wife died in such a terrible manner.  It is tragic that she killed other people with her stupidity.  It is not the fault of a state.  A state that would have never been able to protect your wife from herself.  Drunk, high, and stupid will always over come safety no matter what.

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