Oct 23, 2011


With Halloween just a few short hours away, I seem to be having a slight childhood flash back.  Plastic suffocating masks held together with a thin piece of elastic and two staples and homemade candy as far as the eye could see.  Streets filled with welcoming porches dimly lit and covered in pumpkins half melted from the flame being too large.  Cold breeze from the first snowfall that was more than likely going to start any minute made that thin superman costume a questionable choice.  The chaperone debate was always the same.  “Well I took him last year, you go.  I’ll pass out candy this year.”  Nevertheless, always someone at my side to make sure the boogieman did not get me.  It was truly a grand night for children everywhere.

It saddens me that those days are long gone for so many.  The homemade popcorn ball tossed out for fear it may contain a switchblade knife.  The costumes must go through FDA trials before approved for wear ensuring the highest level of safety.  Trick or treating is now only in areas pre-organized by officials with start and stop times.  My favorite of those would be the mall trick or treat.  At least it is indoors and climate controlled I guess. 

The days of the true feel for what Halloween has to offer are forever lost.  The hint of fear and mystery has given way to safety and security.  The eerie feeling of what lurks in the shadows replaced with commercialized prepackaged fun.  Congratulations Taliban, looks like you won another one.


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