Jul 14, 2011

Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight

I am the last person on Earth to tell someone they can't do something.  If a person has a dream they should spend every waking moment to achieve it.  They should work hard and reach for that final gold ring.  That is of course if they can actually reach.  Some times in life we are given bad five cards to play.  We can make the best hand we are dealt, but ultimately we might lose the game.  It is just how life is.  You can make lemonade from lemons.  Without sugar it is still super tart. 

In Omaha there happens to be one individual with a great dream.  A young junior wants to be a cheerleader.  She wants to stand-up beside her friends and cheer on her high school team to victory.  Who knows, she may even want to date the captain of the football team.  The problem is that she does not possess the required equipment for the job.  No I'm not implying she's ugly or fat.  I'm not even implying she lacks talent in rhyming words or cute little phrases.  She actually is missing four key components to being a successful cheerleader; a right arm, a left arm, a right leg, and a left leg.  That's right, she is a quad amputee.  Meaning that unless the football field has wheelchair access in the mud and snow, shes out of luck.

Now I know that parents out there want children to succeed and have equal opportunities.  I get it, I do.  But when this young lady applies for a lifeguard job at your child's pool you may think twice.  Or maybe when they strap her in to the cockpit of your next flight.  After all, she should get every chance that everyone else has. 

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