Jul 15, 2011

Okay, so its a slow day at The Rant.

Today seems to lack a real interest for me.  I really can't seem to wrap my head around anything that seems even remotely interesting.  Sure there is a guy who chopped up a young boy and put him in the freezer, scandal runs rampant in a news room in England, and a Glee member is fired on twitter.  But do any of these stories really have any street cred anymore? 

The frozen body in a guy's house has been done before.  Sure he added a little Chuck Manson in the mix with the whole "voices told me to do it" thing, but still played out.  A scandal never shocks me anymore.  In fact, you (meaning a corporation) want to shock me?  Run your business in a respectable and professional manner.  That will completely floor me.  Of course it will never make the papers.  And for those of you whom watch Glee you may want to stop reading.  Do I care that a cast member of a singing show has been dismissed over a tweet?  In a word, no.  For some these stories might be riveting but for me its just another Friday. 

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