Jul 27, 2011

Power will get you laid

Sex scandals are nothing new in American culture.  In fact there is probably one happening as I'm writing this.  So when I hear about a politician having some sort of sex with a very young co-ed it really means very little to nothing to me.  Except for one small detail in the case of the Oregon Congressman.  (No it has nothing to do with it being my home state).  Rep. David Wu, 56, had consenting sex with an eighteen year old girl/woman/slut.  Which for his age is a very impressive accomplishment.  The problem I have is the honesty of it all.  See it is my humble opinion that if Mr. Wu was not a man of power he would have never had the chance to be with this young lady.  Don't believe me? Check out the article in the NY Times.  His pictures there.  Go look.  And after you look you tell me that this mans position didn't get him laid. 

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