Jul 25, 2011

I don't like to Winehouse, but Amy are you listening?

The death of Amy Winehouse, however tragic, can not really be categorized as a major shock.  A young woman who's career was initially based on thumbing her nose at addiction could have only ended up one way.  I'm sure the faithful Wine fans will blast me for this but she may have had it coming.  How many lines of Coke in the form of the Andes can you really do before the heart beats no more?  How many Fifths of liquor can you slam before the multi-system failure claims your 35 kg body? 

The truth is that Amy died much like she wanted to live; fast.  She came out of the womb full throttle and never slowed down.  As it was for the 27 Club alumni before her, it was her time. The lights went out for this bright star years before her full potential was reached.  Of course it would have been hard for her to top her Grammy winning night.  But how fun would have been to see her try. 

Then again maybe that night was the peak of the mountain and this was the abyss that laid at the base. 

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