Jul 16, 2011

The worst possible scenario for a broken date.

Now I'm not going to go into a whole president bashing rant this morning.  He seems to have enough going on in his life that my adding to it is not a good idea.  The poor man is storming out of meetings, trying to balance the country, and being advised to skip out on his dates. 

The Dalai is in town for whatever monk business he may have in the states. So while he was here our president felt it would be a good time to sit and meet with him.  However the Chinese seem to feel that the meeting between these two is a bad idea.  So much in fact they strongly suggested Obama attending this meeting would jeopardize US-China relations

So what's it going to be man child Obama?  Are you going to understand the political implications of your actions for a change and not attend the meeting.  Or are you going to thumb your nose at foreign relations and have tea with the Lama.  Choose wisely. 

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