Jul 22, 2011

In with the new girlfriend, out with the old Caddie.

Many of us seem to have trouble balancing a social life and a personal life.  We often find it necessary to sacrifice one to succeed at the other.  Tiger Woods seems to have this very same problem.  Upon acquiring a new girlfriend, one Alyse Lahti Johnston, he has chosen to fire his long time friend and Caddie Steve Williams. A man who gives him money making advice daily.  So it made me wonder, "what advice did he give Tiger about the new girlfriend?"

"Never play the back nine without permission." "Make sure you play it in the first cut."  "You might want to club up for that hole."  These things might have angered Woods.  Maybe he likes to hit the back nine first.  We have often seen him play his balls from deep ruff.  And I'm sure the deal breaker was when he was instructed to club up.  After all, you can only work with what God gave you. 

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