Jun 11, 2010

The 200th post.

A friend of mine emailed me the other day to inform me that I had not written a rant in some time. This lack of luster posting was in part do to a lack of overall commitment. But it also had to do with it being the 200Th post. My thoughts were that this one should have some sort of real meaning. As many of you know my writing can tend to be a little off color, all over the place, or just plain out there. After 199 posts you would think that my focus would be keen and my wit sharp.

So all I needed was a topic. Something that I could be fired up about that would make this post grand in nature. Nature? Why yes, I could write about nature. During the last few days the gulf oil spill has made me mad. Partially my anger is aimed toward big oil. The majority however is focused on scientists. Men whom have placed super computers in the palm of your hand. These geniuses seem to have all the answers. Well then riddle me this Batman, "why can't we make a good bird degreaser?" For all the times we have had man made disasters you would think such a creature exists. Instead we are using household dish soap. Science is focused too much on inventions that make millions of dollars when little pelicans need sludge removed from their undercarriage. So I challenge the future brains of America to come up with something that actually helps our planet and not your wallet.

Thanks to all of you who read my dribble and actually enjoy it.

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