Apr 4, 2010

A Great Easter Sunday

So here it is, Easter Sunday.  A time for families to gather and rejoice in love.  This Easter I am spending time with my father.  I’m not real sure how many more holidays are left for him and I.  So each one is special in its own way.  This day we will walk in his yard in Quartzsite and look at yard ornaments.  Ornaments that my mother painted in her healthy days.  We will talk about which ones will stay and which ones we will take with us.   Soon it will be time for us to find a location that best fits our needs.  His need to live with his son.  My need to work full time.  We will have to select and choose items that keep a little piece of her with us.  Items that, though worthless in money, are truly unable to be replaced.  That way when we live in our new house together we will have the whole family there.  Happy Easter to you and your family.  Wherever they are.

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