Dec 28, 2009

Thank God That's Over

Tis the season I guess. The week of Christmas is always a busy time for most people. Shopping, cooking, and herding families is a full time job during the silly season. For me this was no exception. With my hectic work schedule and bring down dad to enjoy time with me it was truly a no holds barred week. One for which I don't believe I will recover from anytime soon. In fact, it is actually spilling into this week as well.

I think we are conditioned from the age of six to have the end of the year as a time of rest. We lounge around with kin as we stuff ourselves with grandma's home cooking. The weather provides the perfect excuse for staying indoors and the television provides programing for both him and her. So it is very unnatural to work or not be apart of some sort of holiday goings on. A basic biological need to bring a year to a close. Next year I hope to change my work/family life so that I may actually enjoy the end. Of course that will take some doing on my part as well.

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