Dec 23, 2009

I'm confused, but just a little bit.

I guess there is this rule in the military that if your pregnant you have to leave a combat zone or forward area to return to the states. Okay. Makes sense to me. Your carrying a child and need direct medical care. A battle field might not be the best place for you or the baby. So the military sends the woman home. Now the man whom planted the seed has to stay and fight because, lets face it, his job is done. Now one last piece of info, the military does not allow abortions.

So a women's activist group is saying that this is unfair. That the men should be sent home as well, that the woman should be allowed to stay in combat, and that abortion should be an option. That the woman of the military are being treated unfairly. That some how, giving life and being sent out of the way of danger is an unacceptable plan. HUH? So you want woman to have the choice of carrying a child to term in some sand ditch a million miles away from home, while shooting a twenty pound rifle, and dodging car bombs. Or be allowed to kill some child just so that their military career can march forward. And my favorite part, send the men home that got them pregnant. Well let me tell you the odds of woman getting knocked up will increase by a factor of a hundred if that is the case. Who needs to shoot yourself in the foot when a shot in a better location doesn't hurt as much.

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