Jan 4, 2010

God Bless the 9 to 5'er

I have realized that people that work Monday through Friday, 9-5, are truly blessed people. The get to see thier families in the morning before work. Have a sit down breakfast with them if they so choose. Leave for work with a full heart and stomach. Then they get to return home at a resonable hour to spend time with them yet again. Have dinner and tuck the little one's in bed. They enjoy the gift of work and family without ever realizing they have such a luxoury.

I work 15 hour days. After travel time and actual work time the total is just about fifteen hours. If you add that to the recommended 8 hours of sleep we are all suppose to get well that leaves me very little time to have a life. And if I do that five days a week then it's all over for the ever having a family thing. I guess living in a world where the time just doesn't make sense leaves you wanting more. But to those on the outside looking in it just appears that you are selfish with your time. When infact you have no time at all.

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