Nov 8, 2009

Chicken or Egg

Indubitably you have heard of the age old question, "which came first?" But when it comes down to it is to find out whom to blame for the current state of affairs. Take for example the economy. Everyone is so focused on trying to see where it all started and the find the responsible party so a true blame can be cast. Our lips first got a taste of blood when that Bernie guy got his. But was it enough to quench our thirst? Not really.

In the end, when someone poses the question "which came first" it is to entice you to pick a side. To choose which side you feel is more important for placing blame. For me it is very simple to assign blame to someone. Myself. If I really offered my country more support then maybe I wouldn't have fleeced America like everyone else. Think I'm alone? How many times have you prayed for a return on your taxes verses paying a little more to keep the lights on? Have you ever uttered the phrase "I got some of my money back" in speaking about said return? The truth is that when we all avoid helping out our nation it does at up. How would the debt look if we all paid five dollars more a month in taxes? Could you truly space sixty dollars a year to help out your country?

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