Nov 3, 2009

Gaining Strength By The Numbers

As I battle the lack of energy and the hope of a better tomorrow I took some time to reflect on my blog and podcast. I signed onto the Internet for the first time in while and for some sort of unexplained reason I choose to examine the numbers of viewers/down loaders of my "work". I call it that loosely because I never really deemed my words as anything more than cheap entertainment for the masses. My book sales actually set a mile stone for the sub-zero sales book of the month.

So after a month or so of not pod casting or blogging I figured that the numbers would reflect as such and the once lived dream of having a group of faithful readers would slowly burn out. The visions of Pulitzers dancing in my head would just have to be a mere reflection on a future death bed. But the truth lye within the numbers.

It seems that last week, my sites acquired subscribers. Subscribers? How is that possible? You have to be producing material in order to have subscribers right? Well it seems that there are still many out there whom desire to hear/read what is going on in that silly little mind of mine. So, with a cup of tea at my side, I return to the keyboard to begin the next chapter in what has become simply known as The Rant.

Thank You. All of You.

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