Nov 16, 2009

Why Having the Crabs is not that bad.

You know, the crabs get a bad rap. Okay, I know your shaking your head in disbelief but let me finish. The crabs are annoying little bugs that like to find warm hairy parts of your body to move and live in. They scurry about your dark region in the hopes you will just let them live there in peace. However, due to their very offensive itch we find ways to make them go away. We might use simple techniques like shaving the ground cover they hide under or buying some sort of burning battery acid to kill them. Either way the need remove them from our lives is very great. In fact, the fear of ever seeing them again makes even the simplest trip to a public bathroom a true adventure.

I bring crabs to your attention for one reason. No, I do not have the little critters. Rather I am curious why we would banish a tiny bug that irritates us but we are willing to buy Sarah Palin's book. We are willing to support her, listen to her, and tolerate the itch she gives us. Why?

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