Sep 7, 2009

School Ties Are Very Binding

Well it seems that this school year might be a little more than most parents are going to be able to handle. With the economy forcing most families to have huge cutbacks and most families having more than one kid school money is tight. Included in that school money is the yearly physical that must be completed to even breath in the building. Well thanks to the H1N1 flu, a new shot as been added to the mix. The cost of this may or not be covered by your insurance carrier. So that is another fee. School teachers are needing more money to keep the doors open so that tax is going up as well. The President feels so strongly about the youth of America that he must have a live address of them on Tuesday. And too many kids are unable to attend their own school because of cutbacks and closures.

Remember when we went to school. You had a little anxiety the night before the big day but then after you went it was no big thing. Day after day went by and before you knew it, Christmas break. (not winter holiday) Then bam, summer break for three months. And the cycle continued. Parents worried about what you had in your backpack. Things like Number 2 pencils and a full box of crayola crayons. A full box being six or twelve if you had rich parents. And it was an honor to have someone come to your school and speak. It was a very important non-controversial day.

I miss that.

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