Sep 8, 2009

Nothing Good Comes From Tequila

I'm sure this blog is going to get blasted by so many women that I might not publish it.

Okay then again I wouldn't be me if I didn't say something about the assault on Tila Tequila by an NFL player. Sure there is always two stories to every story. And I will acknowledge that anytime a man or woman attacks someone it is very wrong. But when you change your name to Tequila aren't you looking for a little bit of trouble? I'm sure she was just sitting at home reading her bible but lets be just a little honest about this. She may have a little more involvement in this whole thing. Of course I could be wrong.

Also Jon Gosselin is going to blast his soon to be ex-wife Kate on national television. This could be very interesting. Some are going to say he is just complaining and he is painting an unreal picture of his wife to gain favor. But once again I'm going to have to believe that she is not as innocent as some would believe.

For those of you wanting to get married soon, see above.

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