Sep 6, 2009

Rainy Skys and a Smile on My Face. Tweet, Tweet.

So I woke up this morning like every morning. Rested and ready for another possible day of work. The actual last day of work has been weeks ago but I still try everyday and night. As time has gone on though it gets harder and harder to stay motivated and positive. Most people would agree that you can only kick a dog so many times before he will actually stay down. Lucky for me there a few wonderful things in my life that keep me going. My good friends, my close friends, my dad, and of course the passion I have for writing and podcasting. It has been good cheap therapy and is very rewarding to me. But, as many of you know I often wonder who is listening.

As I sit here and look out at the rain soaked ground my mind reflects back to when my childhood was filled with rain soaked days. In Arizona you really miss out on the moisture of things. So when a day like this comes along I really tend to over indulge my senses with the smell and sight of it all. And just when I thought that nothing could top this glorious feeling, a simple word touched my heart; follower. That's right, the rant has it's first documented follower. I have had many of you subscribe from various parts of the world. And that has meant so much to me and I thank you. But this follower is someone within the blogger community that actually enjoys my writing enough to follow me and my exploits. Very exciting morning.

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