Sep 4, 2009

Kids Get The Shaft, Can You Dig It

Okay I might have gone a little far with the title. But if you have turned into the news lately you know that the country is up in arms about the President addressing school children. Why? It was once a great honor to have the leader of the free world address anyone. Now, for whatever sorted reason, it is an Obamanation. I for one have not really been impressed with the way Obama has turned out to be a politics president. What's that you ask? He looked great on TV during the election. Spoke well when the cameras were on him and help unite a nation once again. Sort of. There of course were those whom saw through the smoke and mirrors. They wondered how he would really do running the country. Unfortunately for Obama poll numbers sort of rule the world and his numbers are not stellar.

But allowing him to address the nations youth can not be all that bad of an idea. We need the future of this country to start to take an interest in our state of affairs now. The seeds planted today will help grow a nation. (Wow, someone write that down.) Children are smarter than you give them credit for. They will be able to form their own opinion of the President as well as choose whether or not to follow him. Of course they really do not have a say in the current administration but the future is theirs. Let them see the political ring now so that they will better understand it later. Shielding the future from the present only weakens the sword. (Oh my, am I on one or what today.)

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