Sep 9, 2009

Creative Distractions

As I sit at the computer ready to compose my latest daily masterpiece a great conversation has started in my presence. For the most part it really doesn't have anything to do with me. But as with most nosey Americans interjection is a must. You see Tracker and Copper are having what I can only assume is a great debate on food. They are both offering what seems to be a very heated opinion as they take turns eating a mouth full of kibble. But Copper is a little more passionate then Tracker when it comes to expressing such views. He sits at the table across from me and continues to express his dismay as Tracker savors every bite. This exchange happens almost every morning and it often interferes with my writing. I mean, how can I just ignore such an exchange.

They seem to work out the details in the end. Both complete their breakfast and retire to opposite resting areas until the next poop break, a mere seven hours from now. This cycle is not that of life but rather two dogs whom have everything.

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