Sep 25, 2009

My New Friend

While visiting some of the other blogs on here I found a little gadget that tracks your progress in just about anything. You can follow your needs for getting pregnant, saving for your dream car, or even buying a new house. This powerful little stool pigeon keeps you on the straight and narrow by allowing the entire free world to monitor your progress. It is funny how our own discipline is never strong enough. Pushed by our peers is the only motivation to succeed. Well, why should I be any different? So the top of my blog shall have my new friend. I really don't have a name for him yet but one will come to me. He will track progress as I move toward the final goal. Of all the designs to choose from this one was a more man than most. Who knows, after my loss maybe my days of becoming a great football will be upon me. Of course, I really wasn't that good to begin with.

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