Sep 24, 2009

Forgiveness Can Be Habit Forming

I often wonder just how much we as humans can forgive. When someone commits a horrible murder do we not seek the death penalty? Is it not justice to wish horrible things on someone who wishes it on us? I wonder when the Christian ethic of loving thy brother for he knows not what he does ever took a nose dive. With the times increasingly going right down the old crapper it should be a time when we get behind those who may need a little help. A simple shoulder to lean on when the legs that normally hold us up get a bit weak would be nice. I think that deep down we have to forgive. We must look at those whom we love and cherish and understand that they are flawed. They contain errors that are substantial in the moment but have no value in the greater presence of self. We are human, errors or mistakes make us who we are. Great and small.

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