Aug 23, 2009

Sunday Mornings, on CBS

Waking up early on a Sunday morning always seems more refreshing then any other day of the week. The air seems cleaner. The sounds of birds singing seems to be louder and with a greater tone. Sunday is the day when the week starts over. The troubles and concerns of the week prior give way to a new seven days of possibility, potential. I personally like to start my week with a little TV religion followed by a program on CBS called Sunday Morning. The program contains of course the news of the week but that is not it's true curb appeal. The stories of real people doing some very cool things is what makes it enjoyable for me. Be it music or art, science or medicine, movies or TV the accomplishments of those featured always gets to me a little. How they made huge sacrifices in their lives to reach that impossible dream. All their hard work, blood, sweat and tears finally paying off in my deserved recognition.

So as I finish making my cup of coffee this morning and make a little breakfast I ready my self for Sunday Morning. With my lack of ambition, no real goals, and a increasing laziness I will submerge my body into an easy chair and watch. It is very motivating.

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