Aug 22, 2009

CSI Breast Implants

I have never really been a big fan of the breast implant. I know, hard to believe being that I'm a fully function man that a large perfect firm breast wouldn't be my thing. True they do have some curb appeal and as age creeps up on a woman they seem to hold position very well. However, they just don't seem worth the risk to me. Potential post op complications, infection, and of course the occasional lop-sided out come make for a great argument on why not to have them done. For most of my life I really couldn't find a great reason to have them done on someone. Sure they help with cancer survivors who want to look and feel whole again and they help with young girls to pay for college. But what is the real value?

As many people have said to me, "ask a silly question, get a silly answer". Thanks to serial number tagging on the breast implant a young model was able to be identified. They had to use her breasts because her teeth and finger prints had been removed from her body. That's correct, some sicko actually took the time to remove the id markings that are normally used to find out whom someone is. Just imagine if he had known about the breast tags. Can you stomach what that scene would have looked like?

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