Aug 24, 2009

Live Is Too Important To Take The Easy Out

At what point can someone think that their life is so over that the only out is death? I was reading about the guy that killed his super model girl friend and how they found him hanging by a belt in a Canada hotel. So was his life really so over that he had to take it? Maybe, Maybe not. Many people go through this world begging for just one more day of life. They hold on so tight to life that they can literally see it squeeze through their fingers. Life is a precious gift that many neglect or ignore.

However there are those precious few who take life and do amazing things with it. Some use life to help make the lives of their families better. Others use the gift of their life to help those whom can't help themselves. Some give money or blood and some help change state law to make it better for those with the same illness. Either way those whom cherish life really know how to make the best of it.

There is always a way out of trouble. Taking the escape out of life is never a good idea. By doing so your just robbing yourself of life and robbing life of what you had to offer.

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