Aug 26, 2009

Losing A Fight Without A Winner Isn't Losing

With the recent headlines spread across most of the Internet and many publications I can't help but see a horrible trend. People whom fight cancer every day of their lives are reminded yet one last time that they had cancer when they die. "He lost his fight with cancer", "she finally lost the battle with cancer", and "cancer wins again" all seem like really grim reminders that there are very few winners with cancer. But are those statements really fair? There are just those cancers that do not have a cure or proven treatment to cure. They are simply a death sentence without a set date. These cancers can be fought against every day but at the end death will win. The cancer is not going to just submit one day and say "okay your too tough for me, I quit." But for some the fight is the only thing keeping them living. That strength to refuse to go gentle into that goodnight. Now that is a fight worth fighting. But to lose a fight like that only to have it publicly displayed for all the world to see is just cruel. Losing a life to cancer should be expressed with greater care. Courage takes a dive is just too harsh for me.

Cancer is a quick sand that no one can pull you out of. It slowly tries to consume you every day. And when your head finally goes under the tons of sand swallowing you whole have your friends write something nice about your last days. For me, if I was writing something about Ted Kennedy's death it would have been more uplifting. "Ted Kennedy kicks the drinking habit for good" would have been a nice one.

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