Aug 20, 2009

Starting Over At 150

This is my 151st post on the rant. Looking back at some of the posts of old made me think of the events that inspired such creative spite. I reflected on when my words seem to have the most impact on the faithful followers and what topics really seemed to draw in a great amount of empathy. The headlines that seem to inspire me don't often find the same response in most of you. With that in mind, I have decided to just write. It might not have that focused rage that many of my rants have, but it should be entertaining. Life seems to have a different kaleidoscope effect as we slowly turn the tube. The color and shapes I once saw through my scope have since changed and thus so must I.

For example, my view point on trying to find work seems to need a bit of an adjustment. Week after week my search for something new has left me with unanswered emails and empty pockets. The passion of exploring new country has left me out in the cold on top of a mountain pass in California, so to speak. It makes sense for any man to search for something better in his life. To continue a forward thought process and grow both as a professional as well as a man. But sometimes the best growth comes from ashes. When a fire destroys a forest it is horrible in so many ways. The aged timber dies and crumbles to the floor of a once rich forest. The fallen seeds deep in the soil are covered in suet and debris far from the light of day. And yet, some how, those seeds rise up to escape the low to reach on high toward the sky. They do this without fail or self pitty. They do it because they have to. Instinctive life will find a way to survive. And so will I.

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