Aug 2, 2009

The Beer Summit

Well it seems that to agree to disagree is the theme of the Obama presidency. As with the health care plan the Presidents attempts to bring an answer to a much debated question has fell through. During his sit down with the Harvard Professor and the Law Enforcement Officer it seems that neither was willing to back down from a harden point of view. The civil rights conference seemed to fall short when both parties felt as though they were in the right. Even sitting across the most powerful man in America both men refused to see the others side of these events. Though the actual details of the meeting have never been released the final word was simply that they both agreed to disagree. What the hell is that? Obama fueled that fire with his off color commit and he felt that a sit down would bring piece back to this over heated issue. But it did not end up that way. Instead you have a civil rights educator and a white cop spear heading the next march on Washington. In the current state of the union, I feel, the President needs to be putting more fires out then stirring up the wind. With a slipping approval rating the advisers to President Obama might want to start advising him.

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