Aug 3, 2009

Damn I Need A Vacation

I was sitting here placing a new theme on my IGoogle desktop and found this picture of a beach. My realization is that I'm a water person. I was raised in a place that had ample water to swim in and fish and play and living in the desert. Sand, clay, and brown surround me every day of my life. I need the sound of a crashing wave against sand that is soft verses the harden concrete sand of Arizona. I need the smell of seaweed and seagull shit. That's right. I need the smells and sounds of a open sea port looking out onto a horizon that offers the promise of the unknown. Instead I see a sea of heat and buildings. A vast promise of more of the same every day. The answer to my simple sickness is a vacation. Now in the economic times I understand the need to be realistic to the fact that I can not afford to travel far right now. But maybe just a quick access to some open water. You have to keep your fun tank filled above half at all times. When you burn off more fun and fill it with the emptiness of everyday life you burn out fast. It is time for me to take a little holiday. Maybe I will go to San Diego. Yeah, that's the ticket. I will go the first chance I get. Six months from now.

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