Aug 1, 2009

Too Little Cash For Clunkers

With America attempting to stimulate the economy any way possible, it is no wonder that even the simplest plans are falling apart. The cash for clunkers program was such a big success that the money is already gone. A billion dollars of the governments money (which just for the record is your money) was spent in under a week. The program, which helps remove unsightly gas hogs from the highways, was to help create a buying frenzy for the auto market. And with the promise of $3500 to $4500 it worked. Now the question is when will the dealerships see that money. In fact in some cases the dealerships are wondering if they will ever see that money. This program, though paved with good intentions, may cripple some car companies if the promised monies never come. Of course with the government showing an increase in spending it sure made the quarter numbers look good. With a billion in spending it seems the economy is in an up swing. Of course when the well runs dry in Uncle Sam's back yard we can just borrow from China. Oh wait, their broke too.

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