Jun 3, 2009

Too Hot To Hold

I am forced to talk about the latest offence in society, Sexting. Thinking about my own high school days I reflect on the likelihood that a class member would have taken off their cloths let alone sent that image across the airwaves. Yeah, right. Would have never happened in my high school or even college career. It would be more likely I would have had the chance to take a Polaroid picture that would have been destroyed shortly after view by the subject. ( A Polaroid picture, for my younger audience, is a camera that took an instant picture.) So with the invention of the picture cell phone and unlimited picture messaging it seems that soft core, and at times hardcore, porn is circling the halls of your local educational institution. But how is this possible? How can a child with no income have the means to send and receive these life ruining photos? Oh, that's right, parents keep providing the phones and service. But yet the child is being charged with the crime. Seems fair, give a kid a gun and he gets the chair for murder. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that.

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