Jun 4, 2009

She Said, He Said

I have decided that racism is a two way mirror. On one side you are forced to see the others hardship, viewpoint, and suppressed life. The life that you are responsible for creating. When forced to look on the other side of the mirror, you only see yourself. This view of yourself is suppose to cause you to reflect on being a royal ass. There is only one fact that this mirror has, it is only for White's to look through. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians all have a free pass to say and do anything they want to the whites because I guess we have it coming. Don't believe this to be true? Lets look at the comments that have surfaced from Judge nominee Sonia Sotomayor. She said, in not so many words, that a Latin woman was so much better than a white man. Okay, true or not that comment gets her a seat on the highest court. If a man said he was better than any woman, not only would be not get to be judge but they would find his body in a field somewhere covered in Maxie Pads. So how is it possible that those comments are acceptable from a Latin woman judge and not a white male? Guess it is setting a new example for the youth of America that we want equal rights when it serves us best. Good to know.

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