Jun 2, 2009

The Overdraft Fee

Some economist somewhere will be e-mailing me the answer to my rant today I'm sure, but here it goes anyways. With the creation of the checking account the most interesting fees were born. Fees that help keep a bank in business. Printing fees for the checks, banking fees, and the most famous of all the overdraft fee which I would like to exploit at this time. The concept of charging someone a fee for not having money is the true definition of irony. With the current state of the might dollar it is no wonder people are having trouble keeping money in the old account. But to raise the fee for those people running short on their funds seems a little Potter of you. Banks seem to be working harder at making money for themselves rather than protecting ours. With the media announcing everyday how the interest rates and credit card fees are increasing it seems that banks are trying to soak up the last few pennies that most of us have to eat on. But what is the answer to such an uncontrollable organization? Cash. Cash is that green paper stuff we use to use as currency for purchasing products and services. With cash you only spend what you have. Allow me to say that one more time, you only spend what you have. There are no credit card purchases or even rubber checks created on fictional funds. Cash, as always, is best.

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