Jun 8, 2009

Some Horrible Things Just Will Not Leave

There are a lot of things in this world that just refuse to vanish from existence. MRSA, Herpes, and Taxes are all items that seem to cause pain without pleasure. I think I would like to add one more item to the list, Rosie. The overly loud and often uncontrollable former comedian seems to find herself in the spotlight more times than a Compton teen yet brings nothing to the table. After her explosion on national TV (time and time again) she now offers dance education to inner city youths in New York. Commendable, yes. But the reality is that she still has a Pandora's box of pain and suffering just waiting to be unleashed on some poor unsuspecting kid. (Of course, truth be told, if she wants to yell at Elizabeth again I'm okay with that.) Curtain public figures should not ever be allowed to educated kids in a formal setting. Of course I guess with the latest school budget cuts we can have Octomom teach sex ed. Seems only fitting to have a celebrity expert help out.

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