Jun 9, 2009

The Fiat 300?

With rumors of Chrysler and Fiat merging it makes me laugh in that cynical deep part of my body I like to call the Irony Core. Chrysler apparently has the sort of market base that Fiat wants to tap making a compact available on every street corner. If I recall, the Fiat is not really world renown for its spacious cockpit. In fact, if you take in to account the body mass of the average American, the sporty little car of the seventies might be a little uncomfortable to drive. But the rise of small cute cars seems to be a sign of the auto market future. With introduction of the Smart car and possible release of the Segway Car it seems we are all going to have to suck it in to drive. Of course if I could fit into a Fiat 300 it might be fun to go 100 miles an hour in your own pre-designed wheeled coffin. Sick.

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