Jun 1, 2009

3M Bandaid On GM

With General Motors hemorrhaging money it is no wonder they are on the verge of bankruptcy. But how comfortable can we be having the "G" in GM standing for government? There is no such thing as something for nothing. Uncle Sam is not going to help bail out a major corporation without some sort of monitoring for control. For a very democratic society it seems in these tough times communism is slipping in. First it starts with taxing/removing certain fun things; drinking, smoking, etc. Then it involves taking over companies and running them with the best interest of the "country". After that, socialized medicine will be the only help we have for illness. Leaving us at the control of the man. In the 1700's a little British group had that same philosophy. So many people were against it that they collected their arms and arose victorious in a civil war. Of course our government would never let that happen. They will take our guns first. Smart thinking.

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