May 26, 2009

Momma Said Knock You Out

Sometimes real life interrupts our thought process when it comes to stereotypes. It supersedes the preconceived view we have of certain media figures. Take for instance "Iron" Mike Tyson, the recent victim of a family tragedy. Mike's small child had an accident at his girlfriends home in Phoenix over this past weekend. The child, rushed to St. Joe's hospital, is in a very critically condition. Unfortunately for Mike, he was not in town. He flew in and rushed to the hospital to be by the little one's side. But when your Mike Tyson you are under constant observation by the media. They met him at the entrance to the hospital with microphones and cameras both running at full speed. A man trying to get to his critical ill child was assaulted by a barrage of ridiculous questions. "Are you upset?" "How is the child?" "Where were you?" The man had scattered information at best, not that he was in a mindset to understand it, and had just flew in to race to a hospital. So let me ask this question to the press, "is it any wonder why he wants to knock you out when you stand between him and his child in a moment of crisis?" When a momma bear is blocked from her cub we call it nature that she will kill you to get to it. So why is it assault when a man tries to get to his child? Why is it assault for him to push you out of his way but not assault for you to impede his advancement to get to a dying family member? Interesting, I would think that the life of a child is more important than a news story. Silly me.

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