May 15, 2009

Just Wondering How the Dancing Bear Can Serve You Today

I was going over the recent numbers for the rant and it seems that I am boring a few of you. Whether or not your out enjoying the early summer weather or just too busy to stop in and take a quick look at the rant is no business of mine. But I would like to know that my words are not falling on blind eyes. It seems that Miss America is more entertaining then me right now. Of course the thought of an impure Miss America is just unheard of. So lets see what we can do to spark up a little excitement in the lives of my faithful followers, I'm holding a contest. That's right, a contest. Every Friday I'm going to award the best rant of the week that is sent in by YOU the reader. It can be anything from sports to entertainment. Politics to weather or what ever else makes your blood pressure rise. The top five will be listed and the number one will receive special recognition along with an added bonus. So start sending them in now and next week we will start the selection process. Send your entry to

So you think you got the stuff, lets see it.

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