May 12, 2009

Get Off The 'Roids Already

It is time to accept the truth that sports players lie. I know! For some of you this may make you weak in the knees and need to take a tiny moment to collect yourself. Go ahead, we will wait.

Take your time.

Okay, lets continue. They lie, cheat, and steal everyday it seems. They drive accross states to shoot, rape, and even kill ex-girlfriends just to avoid paying childsupport. They drink and drive, assult cops, and kill innocent people. They shatter the purification of sport on everylevel from the college level up to and including the Olympics.

So why do I give two rats squirt of piss if they take steroids to improve thier ability? What do I care that your holding a trial to get behind this sport steriod thing? Quit broadcasting that a player took 'roids and lied about it to a grand jury. They lie, get it. The truth means nothing to someone who makes $100,000 per game.

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