May 11, 2009

Paying More To Be Fat

As with many mornings that I work, my morning coffee is provided by the drive thru of the local Starbucks. That white chocolate mocha in the fall or iced mocha in the summer starts the day with a kick that makes everything all better. The other day as I sit in line waiting for my turn to place my order I started to examine the menu. I can honestly say that I'm sort of a creature of habit. I order pretty much the same thing all the time so that fact that new menu items escape my direct line of sight is not unheard of. But with time to kill and a lack of general interest in the radio my gaze fell upon the "food section" of my local coffee shop. The list included many simple items such as yogurts and snacks as well as sandwiches. Sandwiches? That actually sounded like the right idea for a lunch for me that fine day. ( I often leave the house thinking I should make a lunch and never do.) There was two that caught my eye and one was a simple turkey club. I often find myself craving turkey throughout the year as appose to waiting for thanksgiving for the sleepy delight. It was at that moment when my jaw literally hit my steering wheel. A simple sandwich was $7.00. That's correct. For the cost of what could easily make you a dozen or more sandies you could place your lips on this over priced delight. A meal, that upon further inspection, consists of more bread than meat. But who does this? Have we really become blind to the subtle increase in fast food prices? Another example to this sneaky food hike is the Jumbo Jack. I recall, not long ago I might add, when the purchase of a J-Jack would run you $0.99. Add cheese for a grand total of $1.19 and you were on your way to a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal. But now this simple burger and a bun will run you over $2.00. What the hell is going on? I mean my eating habits are not the best, but why am I having to pay more for it.

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