Apr 7, 2009

Walking The Thin White Dime

As the money troubles of the world seem to continue to compound interest it seems that everyone is going to take a hit. Even your famed blogger pal has found himself in the middle of the financial crunch. Saving more and spending less seems to be the only way to keep life in this crashing patient. So how deep can one cut into the budget before the bleeding gets to be too much to handle? I mean, not going out to dinner or fast food or even decreasing the number of DVD’s being purchased is just smart thinking but when is it okay to spend a little on yourself? Every day I try to work and keep up with the monetary needs of my household but it seems that all work and no play has created something of a working Frankenstein. My moral is down, my health is more than questionable, and now more than ever it seems as though I am alienating those close to me. Not because I love them any less just that my burdens are just that, mine. However, can we (and I do mean everyone) really afford the cost of trying to keep what we have? Is the price of our money out weighing the value of our lives?

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