Apr 6, 2009

Loaded Weekend

The end of days might be closer than we think. This past weekend has been packed with some of the most outrageous things. Missing children, heavily armed pissing dog owners, and long range weapon testing plague the airwaves as the beginning of the end of days. This country is collapsing at an expediential rate and nothing can be done about it.

We have a recently canned guy who has a fight with his mother about a dog pissing on the floor and sends three cops to heaven for it. Not to mention the others he wounded. This guy actually lost more than his job I think. But he’s not alone, have you noticed over the last week the number of random shootings involving out of work people and a large body count? Think there might be some sort of correlation? Former living President Ronald Reagan spent countless hours trying to squash communism and help keep America safe from the threat of nuclear attack. All this work seems to have been for not. With all our focus on terrorist factions we seemed to allow N. Korea to send up a test rocket to see if they have the distance to ruin Christmas. Lets all think back to the last time we ignored our neighbors to the west of us, can anyone say Pearl?

No offense to the current administration but I’m going to need to see a little more hustle in fixing the potential problems of getting shot in my own home or blown up from the Red Runt threat. Car companies collapsing, missiles flying, markets creating false sense of security, hundred of thousands of jobs every month being eliminated forever, home markets non-existing, etc, etc, etc. So what the hell man? Maybe staying in Illinois is better for some, easier to run and all.

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